Integrity and Ethics in Research

Good research practices are needed to ensure research integrity thus the design of research projects should follow all relevant ethical guidelines, and researchers should only participate in work which conforms to accepted ethical standards and which they are competent to perform.  PBS staff must observe the highest standards of professional conduct and must comply with the following principles of research integrity as enumerated by the All European Academies and European Science Foundation:

  1. Honesty;
  2. Reliability in performing research;
  3. Objectivity;
  4. Impartiality and independence;
  5. Openness and accessibility;
  6. Duty and care;
  7. Fairness in providing references and giving credit; and
  8. Responsibility for the scientists and researches of the future.

 All research should be conducted in a responsible manner.  The design of the research should be well-considered, and research procedures should be carried out with rigour and care.  The most appropriate research methods should be employed, and conclusions should be based on critical and unbiased analysis of factual evidence.  Research findings should be reported fully and in an objective manner.

For more information on ethics and integrity in research, you may read the National Science Council’s Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research downloadable here.